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The Door to Hell, is situated near the small town of Darvaz in Turkmenistan. Thirty-five years ago, geologists were drilling for gas when then encountered a very large cavern underground filled with a poisonous gas. They ignited the gas expecting it to burn off in a few hours. The gas is still burning to this day. Its 60 meters in diameter and 20 meters depth have not been caused by volcanic activity or a meteorite impact.This crater was created sometime in the 50’s when the Soviets were prospecting for natural gas in this area and it’s been burning since then.

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Its amazing that there are still places like this still out there waiting to be explored. A British caving team have just recently explored the world’s largest cave passage in the heart of the Vietnamese jungle.

Called Hang Son Doong (Mountain River Cave) it is believed to be almost twice the size of the current record holder. Son Doong has replaced the Deer cave in Malaysia to become the world’s largest cave.

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People of Lvov city in Ukraine decided add a really cool art installation to the side of a residential building in hopes of boosting visitorts. According to the project details, a crossword puzzle spanning 100 feet (30 meters) tall at the wall was applied to the sides of a multi-story residential building.

There is one interesting detail about the design of the puzzle. It looks like an empty puzzle during the day, but at night when special black lights turned on, the words in the puzzle become visible with a faint luminescent green-glow.

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One of the world’s biggest holes is located in Russia.
The giant hole is actually a diamond mine in Eastern Siberia near the town Mirna. It is 525 meters deep and 1.25 km in the diameter. Mirna’s open pit diamond mine closed operations in 2004 after nearly 50 years. According to bizarre reports air traffic has been suspended due to the “suction above the hole” reporting of extreme downdrafts over the pit.

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Deep in the the Atacama desert in Chile emerges a giant sculpture of a hand. A popular photo spot for tourist visiting the Atacama. The hand was constructed at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level. The work has a base of iron and cement, and stands 11 meters tall. The sculpture was inaugurated on March 28, 1992. The sculpture is located about 70 kilometers to the south of Antofagasta, Chile. The artist behind Mano de Desierto, The Hand of the Desert is the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal.

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The Underwater Sculpture Park is the work of sculptor Jason Taylor from England, who has a passion for creating fantastic and unique pieces of work depicting Grenada’s colourful history and folklore and placing them underwater. All of the sculptures are in beautiful clear shallow water easily accessible by divers and snorkelers. The sculptures end up creating artificial reefs, and enhancing the marine environment.

The response from visitors diving the site has been reported as nothing short of amazement and fascination on the whole concept.