Cool facts about… YOU!!!!

So ive been wanting to know a bit more about my fellow sharenatorians, so how about we have a little get together, to know more about everyone. Post a few cool/weird facts about yourself, have fun with it(:

1. Im related to Thomas Alva Edison.
2. I hate spiders.
3. I live near a dairy farm and have grown quite fond of the smell of cow manuer.
4. A waitress at a chinese resteraunt stole my keys two days ago because my girlfriend “gave her dirty looks”.

Hey everyone I know this isnt rated up high or anything, but it sure does have a lot of comments and now I know a whole lot more about my friends on here than I did before so, thanks to all who contributed(:

besides sharenatorisforfaggots. you can die.

Have a nice day! And if this is your first time seeing this post comment it! dont be afraid! hahaha