Console clones and rip-offs

Polystation is the name given to many PlayStation-like Nintendo Entertainment System hardware clones. The cartridge slot of these systems is located under the lid which, on a PlayStation, covers the disc drive.

polystation - console clones and rip-offs

polystation open

Mini Polystation 2 and Mini Polystation 3
Mini Polystations are designed to resemble PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 although the S letter looks more like a horizontally inverted Z letter. The controller comes out of the back. This console uses a cheap, small screen which pops out from the side.

mini polystation2004 - console clones and rip-offs

polystation3 - console clones and rip-offs

Chintendo vii
Wii or Vii – what’s the difference?

chintendo vii

Gameking I and Gameking II

One is made to look like Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance and other looks like Sony’s PlayStation Portable. The quality of its games, graphics wise, can be compared to some of the best built-in cell phone games (excluding Java games), while their playing speed (scrolling etc.) and audio is far superior to those found on cell phones (multi-channel music and digitized samples and voices are quite common in GameKing games).

gameking1 - console clones and rip-offs

gameking2 - console clones and rip-offs

Treamcast is a Dreamcast clone from China. This small system with its fold-down display resembled the revised PlayStation. The Treamcast can read CD-Rs and play MP3s and Video CDs with special software. It also contains pirated Dreamcast firmware, enabling it to play Dreamcast games. Sega accused the company of copyright violations and was able to halt sale through various websites.

treamcast - console clones and rip-offs

Pop Station design was shamelessly stolen from the Sony PlayStation Portable. It is limited to a single game, running on a LCD screen.

popstation - console clones and rip-offs