Colonial Marines Wanted (Xbox 360)

The United States Colonial Marines is America’s interstellar force-in-readiness. This role, distinct from that of the US army stems from the country’s position as a starfaring, colonising power and its leading role within the structure of the united America’s.

Though the term ‘marine’ has it’s roots in describing a soldier who fought from ships at sea, in the modern era it has become synonymous with those elite forces of soldiers who are always ready to fight, regardless of their nation’s readiness for war, and who are capable of operating far from their home soil.

The colonial marine corps has a dual responsibility. First, to serve on land, on sea, in air and in space; second, to exploit the advantages of readiness and interstellar deployment capability.

The Clan will be named Alpha Zulu Company
My Xbox 360 Gamer Tag is PointMan0016