Collection of best Strips

a b c - collection of best strips

allahu akbert

rough patch

bad idea

bert learns food isnt for eating

berts friend

better while hes asleep

dont think they are ready for commitment

ernie goes congress

ernie quite imagination

ernie into kinky stuff

ernie made friends

ernies sayin

ernies good stuff

getting real tired your shit bert

having family always awkward

calls love potion

his roommate didnt want cuddle enough

play littlesaxophone whispered ernie

real men settle disputes

itll blow your mind

not first time happened either

life suffer bert

radio debut isnt going well

thats why ernie energy

mustve hit him hard

photo good almost didnt need words

planet day mars man

thousand yard stare sadness

why didnt olive garden

  • sowhat
  • January 6, 2014, 11:48 am
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    these are amazing

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