Clever Logo Design At It's Best

This is a collection of 30 clever design logos with more or less hidden symbols. A great logo has to represent the company in every way and grab viewer's attention. Some of these are worth millions of dollars! Let's take a look through the graphic design at it's best.

1. Circus of Magazines

Is this a circus tent or a magazine? (Designed by: logotomy)
clever logo circus

2. Backspace

Use the Backspace button and correct the message. (Designer:JoePrince)
clever logo backspace

3. Barcode

Yes, a BARcode. (Designer: Sean Heisler)
clever logo barcode

4. To beat or not to beat?

clever logo beat

5. Bipolar

(Designer:Siah Design)
clever logo bipolar

6. Bird

(Designer: Peter Varsvali)
clever logo bird

7. Cafe Click

Coffee steams in mouse pointers (Designer:Leo)
clever logo cafeclick

8. Amazon

From A to Z and a smile. That's nice.
clever logo amazon

9. City Direct

“Notice how the space around the plane forms the letters C and D.” -Tobias
clever logo direct

10. Elefont

Spot the elephant trunk. (Designer:m1sternoname)
clever logo elefont

11. Formula 1

Empty space in the middle is shaped as a number “1” for “Formula 1″
clever logo

12. Families

Notice how letters 'i' stands for a family.
clever logo families

13. F*ck!

(Designer:Karl Design)
clever logo fcuk

14. FedEx

Spot the arrow between 'E' and 'X'.
[quote]Anyone else see the spoon in “Fed” of Fedex? (@lissnup)[quote]
clever logo fedex

15. Half

(Designer: wunjo)
clever logos half

16. Iron Duck

(Designer:Siah Design)
clever logo iron duck

17. Yoga Australia

Woman is making a pose that forms the Australian continent between her leg and her arm.
clever logo yoga

18. Killed Productions

clever logo killed

19. Mosleep

clever logo mosleep

20. Mr.Cutts

The scissors look like a face with glasses and moustache of a mister. (Designer:Tabitha Kristen)
clever logo cutts

21. NBC

Notice the hidden peacock.
clever logo nbc

22. Pencil

clever logo pencil

23. Push The Bottle

clever logo push

24. Shocked

clever logo shocked

25. Sushi

clever logo sushi

26. Threesome

clever logo threesome

27. Twins

clever logo twins

28. Up

clever logo

29. Wine Searcher

clever logo wine

30. Zip

clever logo zip

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