Cartoons and their Celebrity Doppelgängers Collection

Everybody has a doppelgänger out there, even celebrities. I'm providing some of side-by-side comparisons here when cartoons break into live-action. Let me know in the comments bellow what other cartoon/celebrity pairs can you think of. And share to see what your friends come up with… Enjoy!

Ned Flanders and Bryan Cranston (Walter White)

ned flanders bryan cranston

Mario and Tom Selleck

mario tom selleck

Luigi and Geraldo

luigi geraldo

He-man and Nicki Minaj

man nicki minaj

Brian and Spud Mckenzie

brian spud mckenzie

Ren and (former) World’s Ugliest Dog

ren former world’s ugliest dog

Friar Tuck and Danny Devito

friar tuck danny devito

Prince John and Patrick Stewart

prince john patrick stewart

Snow White and Katy Perry

snow white katy perry

Lion-O and Carrot Top

liono carrot top

John Smith (Pocahontas) and Chris Hemsworth

john smith pocahontas chris hemsworth

Ariel and Amy Adams

ariel amy adams

Merida (Brave) and Bryce Dallas Howard (Twilight)

merida brave bryce dallas howard twilight

Phineas and Josh Saviano (Paul from Wonder Years)

phineas josh saviano

Princess Jasmine and Kim Kardashian

princess jasmine kim kardashian

Papa Smurf and Bill Murray

papa smurf bill murray

Jafar and Prince

jafar prince

Dora and Javier Bardem

dora javier bardem

Aladdin and Joe Jonas

aladdin joe jonas

Captain Hook and Russell Brand

captain hook russell brand

Timone / Pumba and Chris Farley / David Spade

timone pumba chris farley david spade

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