Ok so i have been using 4chan more lately. I came across a My little pony thread and figured it was just some guys trollin’.
But I began to see a lot more of them lately and i finally figured I would watch and episode to see if they were serious or just trolls.
At first i thought it was dumb but i couldn’t turn away!(Damn You train wreck effect!)
Anyway i kept watching and now, I will regret saying this im sure, I actually kind of like it.

1297468715838 - /b/ronies

I was wondering if i have been infected with some sort of horrible 4chan disease or if this show is actually good? What do you guys think?

Edit: Well now most /b/ronies have been kicked out of /b/ and moved on to ponychan because /b/ doesn’t like ponies. Why the fuck not?

Double Edit: Just an update. Ponies are now Officially awesome in my book.

whos awesome
ultimate brohoof