22 Creative Office Supplies

Work is one of the places where we usually spend the most of our lifetime.
Some people love their jobs while others are just satisfied with it or have to go there cause they don't have a better option. Regardless of our general attitude to our jobs, every person feels bored and low at the workplace sometimes.
We would like to show you 22 things that could bring fun back to your workplace and make your time at work brighter.

1. My Document Laptop Case

creative office supplies case

creative office supplies case

It's impossible not to smile when you see a person with such a laptop case. This stylish laptop sleeve is designed with a concept of applying computer icons.

2. Rotating 360° Lego Sockets

creative office rotating

creative office rotating

creative office rotating

Rotating 360° will help you forget about the problems under the PC table! Each of its sockets can rotate, so it offers enough space for different shaped plugs to plug in just by rotating each socket in different directions. Besides, each socket has a different color and can easily connect to each other. It gives an opportunity to increase or decrease the number of sockets and choose different colors. Amazing!

3. Like/Dislike Stamp Set

creative office like button

creative office like button

One more cool idea inspired by modern technologies. Self-inking Like/Dislike stamps will help you express your opinion by 'clicking' likes irl.
¡Use it careful! Think twice before applying a Dislike stamp on your unpleasant colleague's forehead!

¡An emergency-version available!

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4. AOK Apple Calendar

creative office calendar

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

5. Talk Bubble

creative office supplies talk bubble

These conversational paperclips are the perfect way to draw attention to what you're really trying to say.

6. One Pot, Two Lives

creative office aquarium

A planter and a fishtank together.

7. Waste Backetball

creative office waste basketball

Now you won`t miss your rubbish anymore! Just shoot it right to the middle box, and you will get 1 rubbish score!

8. Leaf-It Bookmarks

creative office supplies leaves

creative office supplies leaves

These markers make it easier to ‘leaf’ through your books and magazines, allowing you to note your favorite pages.

9. Help! Bookmark

creative office supplies help

creative office supplies help

One more interesting bookmark with arms that appears to look like a person stuck between your pages. You`re such an interesting person, even fictional characters want to get acquainted with you!

10. USB Led Beverage Cooler

creative office mini fridge

To be honest, we didn't manage to understand if it really can keep drinks cool. Anyway, this retro-styled LED beverage cooler will be an unusual decoration for your desk. So, plug it into your PC to keep your drinks cold with style!

11. Ramo Branch Multi Tap

creative office ramos

Another way to avoid the problem of too wide plugs. It 'grows' it like a real tree when you add modular socket stubs - and shows how gadget-dependent we are.

12. Pin Sprouts

creative office pin sprouts

creative office pin sprouts

For the sake of convinience the flat round head of a pin has been given a 'sprout'. Convinient to hold, push and pin!

13. Gingko Leaf-It Stickers

creative office supplies gingko

creative office supplies gingko

In case you spend too much time at work and miss nature, here's a way to make your workplace a bit more green.

14. Famous Mustache Pencils

creative office supplies mustache pencils

I mustache you a question. Do you like my pencils? Each pencil color is adorned with a different style mustache.

15. Lock Mug

creative office lock mug

Someone at work keeps taking your mug by mistake? Prevent them from using it! Only the owner of the cup can use his shaped key to close the hole, pour the coffee and enjoy the drinking.

16. Murder Ink

creative office murder ink

Murder Ink comes complete with blood spattered pen, it is perfect for poison pen notes, letters of resignation, hit lists and office to-do's.

17. Post-It Fruits

creative office post fruits

creative office post fruits

creative office post fruits

A friendly reminder to use your Apple Calendar and eat healthy!

18. AIAIAI & Libertine Libertine USB Flash Drive

creative office supplies wooden usb

creative office supplies wooden usb

Limited edition USB project. Every 2 GB wooden USB is unique.

19. New Folder Deposites

creative office supplies folder

creative office supplies folder

Nice way to sort corporative papers properly.

20. Free Form Ruler

creative office pencil ruler

creative office pencil ruler

creative office pencil ruler

The Free Form Ruler enables you to measure the length by “drawing” an invisible line, straight or curved. The unit of measurement is displayed and can be adjusted at the top.

21. Falling Bookend

creative office bookend

Falling bookend supports the books at a surprising, acute angle, which makes the whole thing stand out on the shelf and creates interest and humor. The bookend is inserted in a concealed manner within the first book being supported; next to the binding of the book (a hard binding is desirable), so that interaction between the supported books and the figure on the base of the bookend is created.

22. Drumstick Pencils
creative office drummstick pencil

Part pencil, part drumstick and totally ready to rock the office. They come packaged as a pair, just like any good set of drumsticks should. A perfect option for you if you always dreamt to be a band member but became a clerk instead.

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