Break up stories?

We all have those relationships that don’t workout like we plan and when they happen there can be some bad ones, so I want to know what your best break up story is or what you do after a break up? Many of you might be wonder why I’m making this post and no I am not breaking up with my GF.

My best/worst break up was during my sophmore year of high school and the girl I was dating was cheating on me with a guy who was in already with another girl so being the person who enjoys revenge that I am I came up with a plan to get even and then some, and that plan was to sleep with 2 girls from the guy’s school for every time my current GF went with the other guy. Well after about 2 weeks of the plan working perfectly it ended short when the other guy found out that one of the girls I had done things with was his sister and another was his girlfriend, this being unknown to me at the time took me by surprise when I took a cheap shot in the jaw. I then asked him why the hell he punched me and he told me which I then replied to with the fact that he was my gf’s side dish he didn’t like that so he blew her off when she went to him after I broke up with her. And the best part about this story is that I was the best man for his wedding last month as I am dating his step sister. I am sorry of the length and grammar of my story I tried my best but it’s a tad hard to do in a cast.
So what are your stories if any?