Book Folding art by Schaduwlichtje

“Schaduwlichtje” – artist from the Netherlands. A woman behind this book folding art. She has a background with physics and maths. While volunteering in a charity second-hand bookshop she found out that it is impossible to sell all the books they receive. In order to bring some of the books back to life she invented this ingenious way of saving them by turning books into pieces of art.

Artist clearly uses her knowledge in math whilst doing her art work. Designing angles, curves and folding requires geometrical knowledge and some complicated calculations. Artist does those geometry calculations and drawings by hand and not by computer so she preserves some class and elegance inside her work. These are couple of examples of what she has made so far:

yin yang symbol book
symbol infinity
book cant close
figurine appears keep books from falling

You can read more about artist work and even order piece of art at Schaduwlichtje’s website.

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