Bands that are saving our generation

Personally i look at these bands as the ones we will remember (or at least i will remember) a long ways down the road. most pop music at this point sucks so keep an o…

Why MTV does not play music . . .! thanks younger generation.

American University of Kuwait does the Gangnam Style -_-

Just to show you what student life is like around here… So this is the only american accredited uni here and this video was so close to making a fuss because guys a…

My Poetry: Faith (if this goes well i will post more :D )

Astronaut of the Abyss, Astrologically a fish, December 28 was when I started to Exist The doctor cut the umbilical cord together with the boundaries Counteract the …

Metal Meltdown #1

Who doesn’t like finding new favorite music? Here’s some metal bands you may or may not have heard of.

High day

ft. Rucka Rucka Ali
Also a creepy ass version of Friday, it gave me the shits AND nightmares.

Does you leik the techno?

I leik the techno.

FREAKIN! This guy is amazing…

He plays entire song by himself, and is extremely good at it to!