Bing VS Google

ok your going to have to do some reading so just bare with me mkay? I was looking was making a post for SHARENATOR you know the best site in the world 😀 and i needed a pick of to hot girls kissing okay so i search “Hot Girls Making out” now i’m going to be honest I;m a Google guy all the way but when i searched it brought up bing normally I would just say F this and go to Google… But I thought I would give bing a chance so I did and heres a couple pictures that it came up with.

1 - bing vs google

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2 - bing vs google

now I know those arent to bad but.. well there not bad at all if you ask me but im saying for kids eyes there bad okay, but there are even better/worse/bad whatever you want to call it but i cant put them up on Sharenator the best website in the world because no porn which is totally reasonable I think…

So anyways I typed the same thing up on google and this is what it gave me..

Ok now you can see they arent even close to as bad as the ones from bing like i said if you want to call them bad but yea so heres what i came up with my conclusion you could call it…

Bing = porn search engine

Google = some hot girls search engine but there are some really ugly/nasty girls engine 🙂 and that concludes my post hope ya enjoyed it 🙂

Oh one more thing don’t use turbo scout you just end up with this 🙁