Best Ways To Stay Dry In A Rainstorm

transparent umbrella

An umbrella is a great device for keeping you dry if you have to go out in the rain, however there can be a few design flaws to them. For example, what can you do if you want to go out walking with your partner, but you can't both fit under the same umbrella comfortably?

You either have to take two umbrellas or one of you will have to get wet! However, all that is changing as people break apart the traditional mold and invent cool new umbrella designs which power on past all of the traditional problems.

Finally, for all you couples, the double umbrella!
double umbrella

cool double umbrella

Here is a selection of more creative umbrella designs.

umbrella heart shape

heart umbrella

umbrella shield

anime umbrella

octupus umbrella

unique umbrella paws

umbrella star wars

  • Ensx
  • May 2, 2016, 7:26 am
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