Beer Battleship (or how to always win at battleship)

Just before Christmas we had a “hedgedog in the fog” themed party. One of the reasons why it was called like that was because we had a smoke machine. Some of fellow sharenators were here too – Ensx, Darius and BongoMan. Since BongoMan is studying architecture, he had some sheets of paperboard. So we figured we can use them to make a beer battleship table.

How to always win at battleship
1. Make a big battleship table. Use beer bottles/cans/etc as your ships. If you have a smoke machine, use it to create a feeling of a real battle!
2. The rules of the game are simple – if you hit your opponent’s ship (beer), he has to drink it.
3. ???
4. No matter if you win or lose, you always win.

So, here’s our table:

beer battleship

And here’s some smoke. It can’t get better than this!

beer battleship

Needless to say, it got us pretty drunk. This is now my favorite drinking game.