Beautiful Wasp Zombifies Cockroach

beautiful wasp zombifies cockroach

Turn Her On Without Saying a Single Word

The emerald cockroach wasp is also known as jewel wasp, it has a metallic blue-green body, with the thighs of the second and third pair of legs red, but don’t let her trick you – her beauty disguises a ruthless parasite. Once a female wasp is fertilized, it finds a cockroach and performs extremely precise neurological manipulation on it. Only the female wasp has a sting and it stings the cockroach twice.

With the first sting it injects venom into a motor ganglia, paralyzing the front legs of the cockroach so it can’t run away. The second sting is delivered straight to the cockroach’s head ganglia, in the center for the escape reflex, injecting venom there too. Now the cockroach is completely at the will of the wasp, but is still very much alive. Then the wasp, being much smaller than the cockroach, partially chews off its antennae to measure the concentration of the venom in the host’s blood, and drags the roach to the wasp’s nest. There it deposits its egg in it and buries it.

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Once the egg hatches inside the buried cockroach, the larvae starts feeding on the internal organs making their way through gradually. Ideally the roach will be alive for long enough to serve as nutrients source to the wasp’s larvae. Then it forms a cocoon inside to turn into a mature wasp. Eventually they will make their way out of the cockroach’s remains.

beautiful wasp zombifies cockroach

beautiful wasp zombifies cockroach