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Just The Facts

1. For every situation, Batman has something in his utility belt that saves the day.
2. When Robin becomes a pain in the ass, Batman has a compartment for him too.
3. Batman is so badass that he carries a kryptonite ring given to him by Superman in case Superman becomes brainwashed and Batman needs to kill him.

The belt makes the man

Everyone knows Batman doesn’t have real superpowers, but this doesn’t stop him from kicking more collective ass than any other comic book hero ever. No matter what villain he may come across or what apocalyptic scenario he must thwart, Batman is prepared. Unlike MacGyver, Batman simply brings everything he could ever need with him at all times, every gadget branded with his moniker:

Batman has often been ridiculed by other DC characters for his insistence on taking the boy scout motto to extremes. He can also apparently break the laws of physics and store matter within other matter in that nifty belt of his. And if you think he’s anal about organization judging by his belt, wait till you see his desk.