Banksy vs King Robbo

Im sure most of you know who the infamous Banksy is by now. For those of you who don’t, he is one of the most prolific and well known graffiti / street artists of modern time. What most people dont know too much about is his art war with another of Londons most brilliant graffiti artists. King Robbo.
Below is just one of their ‘squabbles’ and an example of their humor, tallent and mutual disdain.

#1 – Painted in 1985, Robbo’s tag was one of Londons oldest and best known pieces. It was up for 26years.

1 - banksy vs king robbo

#2 – In 2009, Banksy did the unthinkable…

2 - banksy vs king robbo

#3 – Christmas day 2009 Robbo counters

3 - banksy vs king robbo

#4 – And a few months later. A retort:

4 - banksy vs king robbo

#5 – A subtle rebuttal

5 - banksy vs king robbo

#6 – Had enough Banksy?

6 - banksy vs king robbo

#7 – Robbo gets cheeky….

7 - banksy vs king robbo

#8 – Banksy wont have a bar of it

8 - banksy vs king robbo

April 2, 2011. Robbo is found on the street with massive head injuries. The cause reamins unknown. King Robbo is in an induced coma to this day and its not expected to recover. The street art community mourns and have erected many tributes to their friend. The most touching of all was Banksy’s restoration of their original battle ground:

9 - banksy vs king robbo

get well

Hope you get well King Robbo xxx