Bands that are saving our generation

Personally i look at these bands as the ones we will remember (or at least i will remember) a long ways down the road. most pop music at this point sucks so keep an open mind and find those bands worth listening to!
I only have a few feel free to add to the list!

Mumford and sons
An amazing band which has a completely unique feel to it. their lyrics all have significant meaning and they continue to rise in popularity world wide.

Rise against
An alternative rock band which has it’s own following, though they don’t have a huge amount of hits they do very well and have hit the top charts a number of times.

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incorporates the violin into their music beautifully. once again one of the most unique bands out there. though they have been on hiatus for a number of years they have returned once again are producing the music we all know and love. (second song is a cover)