Band Names

Alright I know we have all done it once in a while. Thought about what some really cool band names would be. Plus if you play Rockband, making up a sweet band name is a must. I know alot of people who play Rockband and I always love hearing what they call their bands. Some of my favorite band names I have heard my friends think up have been “The Phantom Moon” and “Goretology”. Probably my all time favorite band name that is the name of my buddies actual band is “Enola Mai” which is “I Am Alone” backwards. I thought that was pretty sweet how they made the words backwards and got a pretty cool name.

So heres what you should do. Post some pretty cool, funny, or just plain badass band names you have heard or made up and if you can, explain how you came up with it. Also if you really like a certain band names like “Slipknot” or “A Day To Remember”, then tell us why you like it.

Also–If you are into Death Metal you should check out my buddies band. Again, it is Enola Mai, just check youtube and you can find them.