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Here is an article I found from – It’s More Fun When You Share

There are so many great sites, videos, and photos on the web. Don’t you want to share them all? Well when you become a member of the Sharenator community you can post all of the great content you find on the web. Have you found the funniest video? If you have post it on the site you can see what everyone else thinks. Once you post on the site other users can comment and vote. You can browse through all if the fun posts by looking by category: all, video, pics, flash or misc. The home page has a lot of fun content to look through and you can see the funniest and most popular posts. You can browse all you want but in order to make a comment you must be a member and register. Once you register you can really have fun on the site and vote, add comments and best of all post your own content. When you post your own content you can see what the community thinks and maybe your post will be the most popular. Everything is more fun when you share so join the Sharenator community.

In their own words

“ is all about sharing, voting, competing and simply having fun. Who’s the best at posting the coolest stuff? Join now and benefit from all of sharenator’s features available only to members. Be the Sharenator! “

Why it might be a killer

Sharenator does have some funny posts and the community really gets involved with comments and creating a long dialogue. It is simple for users to see the new content on the site because each post includes the date and time it was submitted. You can really have fun searching through all of the posts and finding funny videos at Sharenator.

Some questions

There are many other user generated sites that are similar to Sharenator. How will Sharenator deal with competition? It would be nice if Sharenator included other content categories besides video, pic, etc… Including descriptive categories such as comedy, action, crash, and tags would make finding posts easier.

Here is one I found on

Sharenator presents fun and simply online community to share, vote, and compete with your videos and photos. Don’t hide your funniest video, be the sharenator! Your video or photo will be commented even voted by other. Otherwise, you can just enjoy this site by browsing the videos or pictures posted by users. The fun post can be browsed through categories: all, video, pics, flash or misc. But if you want to comment on it you must register to be a member. By typing your comment, you can express your idea how it entertaint you. Best of all, once you register you can have your own content. Soon, you post your own content you can see what the community thinks and maybe your post will be the most popular. Unfortunately, some videos expose sarcasm to express funny. It seems Sharenator should have age limit to access its contents. The fun will not annoy anyone by that.