April Fools

We weren’t planning anything but when we came in in the morning our desks and everything on them were covered in tin foil from the two girls in our team.

Revenge had to come.

The first was us taking some pictures of them, adding some photoshop to them and then adding them into a very embarassing scene (i won’t upload it because that’s a bit too far). We then wrote a script and put it into their windows directory (we can get remote access to their registry, etc). we set it in the startup area so that when their computers turned on it would change their wallpaper to the image. we then forced a remote reboot of their machines. they were rather pissed. what they don’t know yet is that it’s in the startup so it’ll come back every single day…

The second was a post i put on the intranet at work (building overall has about 250 people). The message read as below:

‘I’ve got a Wii that i really just never play anymore. If anybody wants it then it’s free. First come first serve. Got a bunch of games and two controllers. Call me if you’re interested and i’ll bring it into work.

I’ll take it down when i get a call so if this is up then it’s still fair game. ‘

I then signed this as one of the girls’ names. She’s been getting calls all morning and is very, very pissed.

That’s all for today. What have you done? Or even what would you like to do?