An omegle conversation that was actually good!

Stranger: Hello
You: Hi.
You: How are you?
Stranger: Fine and yourself
You: Quite good, thank you for asking.
Stranger: No problem.
Stranger: So what have you been up too?
Stranger: *to
You: I have been listning to music for the past hour. What about yourself?
Stranger: The same
Stranger: And getting to some emails, that I’m about two days behind.
You: I have 3512 unread emails 😛
Stranger: But this is on my business/serious email. My bacon account is up in the thousands of unread messages.
You: Bacon?
You: Did you just say Bacon?
Stranger: Yes bacon
You: Well good sir, I think we have a common ground. We both enjoy bacon.
Stranger: Bacon is email that you signed up for. Like amazon updates and sales and things of that nature.
Stranger: Also to not like Bacon is to hate life.
You: Indeed
You: If you find somebody that dislikes bacon you should dispise them.
You: This is the first conversation that I have enjoyed on this website.
You: Well done.
Stranger: No you can already see that they are angry at the world for not liking the joy that is smoked pig.
Stranger: Well this site is mostly horn dogs.
Stranger: ASL
Stranger: Hot horney whatever
You: Exactly
You: May I ask your name good sir/madam?
Stranger: i can guess that you are a dood.
You: Indeed I am.
Stranger: Same here
You: Ahh, well my name is Liam,.
Stranger: My name is the same. But not the Gaelic version.
You: You are also named Liam?
Stranger: Liam is gaelic for William.
You: Ahh, well not mine.
You: Just Liam on its own.
You: So we share the same name, we enjoy the same things and talk the same way… Are you sure you are not me?
Stranger: No
Stranger: I’m deadly sure of it.
Stranger: Because if we where the same, I would be forced to fight you to the death.
You: Well I don’t want that. I would hate to have to kill you.
Stranger: But I think that is the law of the internet. If the the two are the same, one must die.
You: Then I guess it comes to this… *Kills you*
Stranger: You cold bastard.. *Dies*
Your conversational partner has disconnected.