American Music Awards 2013: Fans the real winners

The American Music Awards 2013 was held last Sunday at Nokia Theater and it was very easy figuring out who are the real w9inners were.

“This is about the fans tonight,” Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds said as the band collected for favorite alternative rock artist.

Winners naming Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and One Direction who brought home several trophies during the night knew whom they owed it to.

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It was the fans that received the most impassioned gratitude amongst pop stars, there were even no academy thanked but still label brass and glam squads got shout outs and of course God was acknowledge.

Award buddies such as the American Music Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards and the Billboard Music Awards to rely on the public to choose the night’s winners as a counter to the prestigious industry inclusiveness of the Grammys, this has a long been tradition for the awards shows.

Apiece of the declared telecasts has morphed into painfully unsurprising ordeal in the past years.

While it is still driven by the fans, shows aspiring to grip the age of social engagement have incorporated digital social engagement — Tweeter, YouTube/Veve views, Facebook — to dictate nominations — and winners.

And as a result the process has taken away what’s left of the element of surprise.

The madness that rang out among the audience at just the announcement of names like that of One Direction, Timberlake, Miley Cyrus and Swift, hurriedly predicted the night.

Taking home four trophies was Swift winning big. Timberlake and One Direction both performed and also awarded multiple wins. Every appearance they drove panic to the teenage girls in the audience.

The boys of One Direction fawned over those fans who probably spent hours logging their votes online and through Twitter, and on Sunday they were rewarded but Swift, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus were their heroines while Timberlake still pulled heartstrings.

But finally that rampant fandom sucks the joy out of these shindigs.

“I cannot thank you enough. This validates that if you voted for this that we are heartbroken the same way and we fall in love the same way and we are happy the same way,” Swift said as she won artist of the year. “If you decided on something as wonderful as this, we are pretty much in this together, aren’t we?” Well played.