America Sucks

America suck for these reasons and many more;

The uk’s special forces are more elite in every way

its leftenient not lutenent

you have had a string of the worlds most reatrded presidents ever!!!

all you do is sit on your fat arses and eat all yo do is eat, its not even real food!!!

the statue of liberty wasn’t even made by you lazy sods the french built it.

For fudging the fact that none of the 9/11 hijackers were Iraqi yet many use that as the reason to bomb Iraq.

Selling $20bn worth of defense to the Saudis where 16 of the 19 hijackers WERE from

For expecting a country bombed to pieces to thank them afterwards

For claiming they are the 1st to help in a natural disater, yet denying any fair trade, fixing the world trade for themselves keeping millions in poverty for theri own greed

Americans like the most crappy sports and don’t spell words right like colour. Or favourite.

Some Americans are ignorant and don’t pay much attention to the outside world.

And I will update more as I think of them!!!!

P.s I love barack obama!! he is the only good thing about america.

god bless america