Amazingly Creative Ways To Gift Money This Christmas

Everybody loves getting money on Christmas, but something they love even more is getting it in a surprisingly fun way. Anybody can just give someone an envelope filled with money, but where is the fun in that? Here are some great, fun ways you can give someone money this Christmas.

The Money Tissue Box

money tissue box

This is a pretty unique and genius way to give a loved on a gift of money, while also making it a surprise and a once in a lifetime experience. The way this works is that you take an empty tissue box, and fill it with notes. When the person receiving the gift tries to take out the tissue, they will find a stream of money coming out.
You should tape the notes together, but make sure you do it in a way that does not damage the money and in a way that makes it easily removable.

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money tissue box

The Bar Of Soap

This one is really clever. You get the money you want to give as a gift and you put it inside a bar of soap. You give the bar of soap as a gift, and the recipient will only think they have gotten a bar of soap. But when they use it over a longer period of time, eventually they will get down to the money and realise that you had given them a little more than they expected.
When you do this, it is important to make sure you let them know something special is at the centre of the soap. One reason for this is that they don’t get too disappointed, and can have something to look forward to. The other reason is that if they don’t know there is money in the bar of soap, they can easily lose it or discard it without ever getting to the middle.

bar money soap

The Bottle

the bottle - amazingly creative ways to gift money this christmas

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You can do the traditional note in a bottle gift, where you give them a bottle of their favourite drink, whatever it may be. When they get down to the bottom, it reveals a hidden note. In that note, you can leave them some money as a gift.
Usually you should put the note in a little plastic packet, so that the liquid doesn’t damage it or the money.

The Cake

a cake - amazingly creative ways to gift money this christmas

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For events where you might have a cake present, it is a really cool opportunity to gift someone money in the most surprising and unexpected way. You bake the cake with a little plastic packet in the middle containing the money. Then, when you cut them their slice, make sure you give them the slice that contains the money. When they take a bite, they will notice the money inside and realise you have given them a gift in an astounding way.

Money in a Tie

If you are planning to give a male relative or friend the gift of money this Christmas but have no idea how to do it in a way that is fun, cool and a pleasant surprise for the recipient, this might just be the way to do it.
You get them the relatively common and expected gift of a tie, but you slide a bit of money into the tie. So when they try to wear it for the first time, they will see the money fall out and realise you have given them money.

A Money Tree

This one is really special. You take a fake plastic tree, and attach individual notes to each branch of the tree. So when you give them the tree, they can take off the bits of money part by part and as they please. Also, the trees can look really pretty and if you do it right, this special gift can get you a lot of goodwill from a family member or a friend.

Scavenger Hunt

If your gift recipient has a keen sense of adventure, a great way to give them the gift of money while also giving them the gift of a good time is to set up a scavenger hunt. Leave clues that will eventually lead them to finding the present, which is the money.
Make sure the hunt is not too long, and be really creative with the way you leave clues around. The main aim is for this to be fun. The hunt is part of the present!

Example :

A Piñata

christmas pinata

You can bring a piñata for your Christmas party, and the gift recipient can have the fun of hitting the piñata until it explodes and all the goodies come out. With the usual sweets and treats that are usually inside piñatas, you can also put in the money you want to give them as a gift. It is better to put them in as individual notes, so that it creates a better visual effect as they fall out after being hit.


origami - amazingly creative ways to gift money this christmas

Instead of just giving money in its normal form like everybody else, you can give them money in the form of animals like swans, monkeys, snakes and ducks. You can make each note into an animal or an object using origami, and give the notes as decoration gifts as well as actual money. It is almost two gifts in one!

Pages in a Book

money book christmas

Putting money between pages of a book is a classic and classy way to deliver the monetary gift. It is even better if the money is in a book of value, maybe a photo album or a book that the recipient will really appreciate as a gift.
You can do the same with a simple Christmas card, but this way is a lot more personal than a store bought card and also shows you care. It is recommended you add a message in the book, showing the person receiving it that you put thought into the gift and really care about them.

Hopefully these ideas can spruce up your Christmas, and lead to you giving out gifts in a fashion better than anything you have done before.