Artwork Which Have Been Created Using RICE!

Art can be made out of almost anything that you can get your hands on. All of these artists have chosen to create artwork using the same type of food: rice.

These pieces of art range from work that is done on a single grain of rice, right through to sculptures which have been created with 100 pounds of the stuff.
Take a look at this collection of rice-based artwork and see if you can take any inspiration for your next art project.

Rice sculptures

rice sculpture

rice sculpture

Photo – A Yuji Koiso

sculpture made rice

Photo – Saeri Kiritani

Painting on rice grain

granos arroz arte

rice paint

rice painting

Rice grain art

rice painting

rice painting art

3d Rice paddy art

rice paddy art

rice paddy art ship

Rice grain jewelry

carved rice necklace

rice necklace