Merry Christmas! Lets Look at How World is Celebrating Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Here is the collection of pictures on how people celebrate Christmas in the different world places. If you have anything to tell about your place, do not hesitate to share it with others in the comments below. Enjoy!

1. Tokyo, Japan

Window cleaners dressed as Santa Claus and a reindeer during an event to celebrate Christmas at a shopping mall in Tokyo on Dec. 19.
tokyo japan

2. London

A Bolivian squirrel monkey gets a special treat of sultanas and wax worms that were set out on a Christmas tree at London Zoo.
2 london - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

3. Madrid, Spain

Around 6,000 people dressed as Santa Claus and his elves run a "mini-marathon" through the streets of Madrid on Dec. 14 to promote festive cheer as the country tries to emerge from a two-year recession.
madrid spain

4. Hyderabad, India

Blind children wait to perform during Christmas celebrations at the Devnar School for the Blind in Hyderabad, India on Dec. 18.
hyderabad india

5. Zurich, Switzerland

Members of the school choir of the Terra Nova private school perform at a Christmas market at the Werdmuehleplatz square in Zurich on Dec. 19.
zurich switzerland

6. Norfolk, U.S.

With a little help from elf Lauren Babashanian, right, Noah Golive, 5, tells Santa that he wants a Thomas Train (The Little Engine that Could) for Christmas during his live video chat with Santa via iPad on Dec. 19 at Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Va. Noah is waiting for his surgery. Children hospitalized during the holidays don’t have the opportunity to see Santa in-person at the malls, but are able to see Santa via iPads.
6 norfolk us - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

7. Zurich, Switzerland

Christmas illuminations light the Bahnhofstrasse shopping street in Zurich.
zurich switzerland

8. Rome, Italy

Pope Francis delivers his message during the Angelus noon prayer from his window overlooking St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on Dec. 8.
rome italy

9. Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

A diver dressed as a Santa Claus gestures to visitors as part of upcoming Christmas celebrations at Aquaria KLCC underwater park in Kuala Lumpur.
kuala lampur malaysia

10. Scarborough, U.S.

A man portraying Santa Claus talks to six-month-old Aubree-Jane Halladay, of Scarborough, Maine at a mall on Dec. 19.
10 scarborough us - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

11. Minusinsk, Russia

An amateur spider keeper, Yegor Konkin, 24, dressed as Santa Claus with a venomous Phormictopus antillensis spider placed on his face, prepares for Christmas and New Year performances at his parents’ apartment in the town of Minusinsk, Russia.
minusinsk russia

12. Madrid, Spain

A couple push their baby along during a mini-marathon of Santas in Madrid on Dec. 14.
madrid spain

13. Seoul, South Korea

Penguins wearing Santa Claus and Christmas tree costumes during a promotional event for Christmas at an amusement park in Yongin, Seoul.
seoul south korea

14. Qunu, South Africa

Children look at a wall of condolence after a Christmas Party celebrating the life of former South African president Nelson Mandela at a museum in Qunu, South Africa, on Dec. 12.
qunu south africa

15. Rome, Italy

A Christmas tree with light decorations spelling the word "peace" in different languages is seen at the end of Rome's Via del Corso. Reports say that Rome’s Mayor Ignazio Marino announced that the rainbow lights, a symbol of peace, in Via del Corso are dedicated to Nelson Mandela who died in Johannesburg on Dec. 5.
rome italy

16. Washington D.C.

The National Christmas Tree at the White House in the background, with the flag at half staff to honor the death of South Africa's former President Nelson Mandela on Dec. 6.
16 washington dc - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

17. Taipei, Taiwan

A public bus driver dressed as Santa Claus gives a passenger directions on Dec. 18 in Taipei, Taiwan.
taipei taiwan

18. Atlanta, U.S.

Dee Sinclair, portraying Santa Claus, reads a story to children in Atlanta. "Kids don’t see color. They see a fat guy in a red suit giving toys," said Sinclair, 50.
18 atlanta us - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

19. Ahmedabad, India

A man sells Santa Claus masks on a road side ahead of Christmas in Ahmedabad on Dec. 18.
ahmedabad india

20. Sydney, Australia

A meerkat named Bob inspects a present left near a makeshift Christmas tree at Taronga Zoo in Sydney on Dec. 20.
sydney australia

21. Cerritos, U.S.

Dressed as Santa Claus, Mark Tate pretends to sleep as he poses for photos with 4-week-old Leilani Mejico at a mall in Cerritos, Calif. on Dec. 17.
21 cerritos us - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

22. Cape Town, South Africa

Baby penguins swim inside the SANCCOB - the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds - after they were abandoned by their parents on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa on Dec. 3. During the Christmas time SANCCOB receives hundreds of African penguin chicks abandoned by molting parents. Over Christmas one can adopt a African penguin chick for $50, with the money paying for its rehabilitation and release back into the wild.<i>
cape town south africa

23. Hauibei, China

<i>A vendor arranges Christmas products at her booth in Huaibei, Anhui province, China.

hauibei china

24. Medellin, Colombia

A view of the Medellin river lit up with Christmas decorations in Colombia.
medellin colombia

25. Shanghai, China

A shop worker decorates the street with red lanterns in celebration of Christmas in Shanghai on Dec. 19. Christmas, while not traditionally celebrated, is gaining popularity in the communist country with retailers capitalizing on the holiday spirit to boost their end of the year sales.
shanghai china

26. Tanuan, Philippines

Children stand beside an improvised Christmas tree decorated with empty cans and bottles in the town of Tanuan in central Philippines which was ravaged by super typhoon Haiyan.
tanuan philippines

27. Conroe, U.S.

Children play in fake snow in front of the Dearing family home during Dearing Dazzle, a light show that is synchronized with Christmas music in Conroe, Texas. This is the last year the Dearing family will host the light show consisting of 75,000 lights.
27 conroe us - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

28. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Troops eat lunch near a nativity scene at the Guantanamo Bay naval base on Dec. 18. Some troops have complained that nativity scenes and Christmas decorations at two dining facilities on the base improperly show a preference of one religion over others.
guantanamo bay cuba

29. Kolkata, India

A folk singer and a man dressed as Santa Claus perform for underprivileged children during a sit-in demonstration demanding basic human rights in Kolkata on Dec. 19.
kolkata india

30. Washington D.C.

The first family, from left, Malia Obama, President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and Sasha Obama, join children dressed like elves at the National Building Museum in Washington on Dec. 15. The first family attended the taping of the annual 2013 Christmas in Washington, celebrating its 32nd year anniversary.
30 washington dc - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

31. Cairo, Egypt

Samira, 6, looks for customers as she sells Christmas hats at a traffic intersection in Cairo, Egypt on Dec. 12.
cairo egypt

32. Taiyuan, China

Women take pictures in front of a Santa Claus figure outside a shopping mall ahead of Christmas in Taiyuan, Shanxi province.
taiyuan china

33. Polkowice, Poland

Christmas decorations and lights at the home of the Duszenko family in Polkowice, southwestern Poland. Since 1999, the Duszenko family has decorated their house and garden before Christmas. This year, they used around 52,000 lights for the decorations.
polkowice poland

34. Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistani Christian boys decorate a Christmas tree on the roof of their house in Islamabad on Dec. 16.
islamabad pakistan

35. Roswell, U.S.

Santa Claus has his beard pulled during a visit to Del Norte Elementary in Roswell, New Mexico after being delivered to the school via a TriState CareFlight helicopter on Dec. 19.
35 roswell us - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

36. London

Passersby look at a Christmas-themed window display on Oxford Street in central London.
36 london - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

37. Tacloban, Philippines

A typhoon survivor decorates a Christmas tree amidst the rubble of houses destroyed by super typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban city in central Philippines.
tacloban philippines

38. Paris, France

Life-size cartoon characters, from L-R, Samsam, Pink Panther, Raving Rabbit (Lapin Cretin) and Smurfette on the stairs of the Elysee Palace after Christmas party in Paris on Dec. 18.
paris france

39. Milan, Italy

Racy sex toys hang from the "Tree of Pleasure" in downtown Milan, Italy, before they were removed from the tree. In an order to remove the provocative ornaments, city officials said that the Christmas season, "qualifying as a holiday for children and families, requires sobriety in urban decorations," in particular when using "traditional symbols that distinguish Christmas."
milan italy

40. Seoul, South Korea

Buddhist children wearing Santa Claus costumes sing Christmas songs at the Chogye temple in Seoul, South Korea on Dec. 18.
seoul south korea

41. New Orleans, U.S.

Courtney Boe, left, Christina Perez, center, and Mandi Ridgell, members of the singing group "The Victory Belles," modeled after the WWII era group The Andrew Sisters, get ready in their dressing room before rehearsing for their upcoming Christmas show, "A Swingin’ Christmas," at the Stage Door Canteen at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.
41 new orleans us - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

42. Kiev, Ukraine

A pro-European Union activist puts up portraits of protesters beaten by riot police on a symbolic Christmas tree during an anti-government rally outside the office of the richest man of Ukraine Rinat Akhmetov, in Kiev, Ukraine on Dec. 18.
kiev ukraine

43. Beirut, Lebanon

Workers decorate a Christmas tree in front of the Al-Amin mosque in Beirut on Dec. 13.
beirut lebanon

44. Lima, Peru

A man carries turkeys in a market selling poultry at the Ate district in Lima on Dec. 23. Peruvians traditionally cook turkey for Christmas Eve.
lima peru

45. London

Christmas lights at Oxford Street, one of London’s busiest shopping areas.
45 london - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

46. Bethlehem, West Bank

A Palestinian works on a wooden sculpture at his souvenirs workshop near the Church of the Nativity, traditionally believed by Christians to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on Dec. 23.
bethlehem west bank

47. Torroella de Montgri, Spain

FC Barcelona's soccer Lionel Messi "caganers" figurines are seen in a pottery stall in Torroella de Montgri, near Girona. Catalans hide "caganers" or defecators, in Christmas Nativity scenes to let friends hunt for them during Christmas celebrations. The "caganers", which symbolize fertilization of the earth, are believed to bring prosperity and luck for the coming year.
torroella montgri spain

48. Philadelphia, U.S.

Paul Moore, left, dressed as Santa Claus, looks over a bag of toys with Dante Wright, 5, as Moore hands out holiday gifts to children at the Philadelphia Police Department’s 12th district station on Dec. 18.
48 philadelphia us - merry christmas! lets look at how world is celebrating christmas

49. Chandigarh, India

Children dressed in Santa Claus costumes gather around a girl dressed up as Virgin Mary during Christmas celebrations at a church in the northern Indian city of Chandigarh on Dec. 23.
chandigarh india

50. Canberra, Australia

People visit the Richards’ home illuminated with 502,165 miniature lights in Canberra. The Australian family has reclaimed their Guinness World Record by stringing up more than half a million Christmas lights around their suburban home.
canberra australia

51. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A man dressed as Santa Claus waits for guests to join him for a photograph during a Christmas party in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The extravagant city is embracing the trappings of Christmas in a way that would be unthinkable in more conservative parts of the Muslim world.
dubai united arab emirates

52. Prague, Czech Republic

A Santa Claus is locked in an enclosure in Prague’s Zoo. Many Czechs consider the red-suited Santa an unwelcome species that threatens the infant Jesus, who is traditionally believed to bring presents on Christmas Eve.
prague czech republic

53. Mexico City, Mexico

A child who wanted an action figure-themed piñata stands upset, next to the traditional Christmas piñata his mother chose in Mexico City on Dec. 21. The traditional Mexican Christmas piñata is a decorated clay pot that must have seven cones to represent the seven deadly sins.
mexico city mexico

54. Bethlehem, West Bank

An Orthodox priest walks inside the Church of the Nativity, the site revered as the birthplace of Jesus, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on Dec. 23.
bethlehem west bank

55. Hong Kong, China

Visitors play with paper snow to celebrate Christmas at a shopping mall in Hong Kong, on Dec. 23.
hong kong china

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