All this bull!


I’m pretty new to sharenator but was very glad to find it, not only because it’s under the radar but because it’s an awesome concept.

I’ve posted a couple of videos that I enjoy because some others out there may also enjoy them. Others may not. To be perfectly honest I don’t care what other people think of them, I know that I enjoy them. So why post at all? Well its only fair isn’t it? I’ve enjoyed a lot of content on the site that other people have bothered to put up so in my own little way I’m returning the favour. Of course it’s nice to know that the favour has been returned in the form of plus points and, if not, with negative ones. Either way, why should anyone actualy care? I mean seriously, you know you like it, you posted it. Don’t cry about it if if others don’t.

This post will no doubt get a lot of abuse so I emplor you: down rate me, down rate everything I ever post from here on out!! Come on, BRRIINNGGG IITTT!!!!! I promise not to cry, not respond with abusive threats or pleas of help. I will continue to enjoy sharenator and all it has to offer, and if I stumble accross something that I like online I will post it here out of the goodness of my heart. Because basically, I’m a nice guy 😉