Alien joke

An alien ship crash lands on earth, the ship is destroyed and the alien knows nothing about earth. So he walks down the street and goes into a music store, he learns how to say “me me me me”. He walks to a store for house supplies and learns how to say ” forks and knives”. He goes to a candy shop and learns “goody goody gumdrop”. He then walks into radioshack and learns “plug it in”. So as he continues to walk down the street he sees a man stab a woman to death take her stuff and
run away. The alien walks over to the body and a police man comes and says “who killed this woman!” the alien replies “me me me me”. “what did you kill her with?”. “forks and knives”. “ok your going to the slammer”. “goodie goodie gumdrop”. ” oh you like that? Well we will put you In the electric chair”. “plug it in”.

I wrote whole joke out on a iPhone please TELL ME if I mess NEthing up