Albino Animals: Ghosts of the Wild

An albino peacock opens its plumage at Botanic Garden in Bogota, Colombia, June 15, 2005.

This photo of Snowflake the albino gorilla was taken Sept. 14, 2003, shortly before he died. Snowflake was the only albino gorilla at Spain’s Barcelona Zoo.

gorilla ssh

An albino alligator named White Diamond is seen in the pool at the Safari-Park in Hodenhagen, Germany, April 2, 2008. The rare creature from the Louisiana everglades was part of a reptile show held in April 2008.

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A 1-month old albino common barking deer named Peth romps near an older male deer May 29, 2007, at the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand. This was the first day the young deer was on display. The albino deer is considered rare in Thailand.

A rare albino fur seal on the beach at Stromness Bay in Antarctica March 4, 2007.

A 2-year-old albino gray kangeroo named Mulali was photographed Jan. 27, 1998, at the San Francisco Zoo. The kangeroo, which spent its first 6 to 7 months developing in its mother’s pouch, was fathered by a nonalbino gray kangeroo.

kangaroo ssv

Meckie Way, a newborn albino hedgehog was taken to the Duisburg Zoo in Germany Dec.13, 2001. The rare hedgehog was born four weeks before and was handed over by citizens who picked it up near their house.

hedgehog ssh

An albino great horned owl, the only one known to exist, according to the World Bird Sanctuary, sits on its perch at the sanctuary in St. Louis.

This rare albino leopard shark was on display at the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Ky., Oct. 22, 1999.

shark ssh

A rare albino squirrel, nicknamed Snowy, scavenges for nuts in a back garden in England.

Ten-month-old Onya-Birri, the only albino koala in captivity, is shown with his mother, Banjeeri, at the San Diego Zoo.

koala ssv

Two-week-old Sri Lankan albino cobras show at the National Zoological Gardens in Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 29, 2005. In April 2005, a female albino cobra laid 20 eggs. Three snakes emerged from the eggs June 16, 2005, zoo officials said.

snakes ssh

Camel with an albino colt at Skazka Zoo, Yalta, Ukraine.

This photo of an albino red-necked wallaby female and its young was taken at the Zlin Zoo, the Czech Republic June 6, 2007. Albino wallabys usually bear brown-colored offsprings and a baby kangaroo all-white as its mother is a rarity.

wallaby ssv

A white killer whale is spotted near Kanaga Volcano in Central Aleutian Islands.

Source: ABC News