So there’s this dude.

Lemme’ explain a couple things.

1) He says he loves me, constantly.
2) He says he loves me more than a friend.
(Here’s the shocker)
3) He’s got a girlfriend.

Now, what’s so goddamn confusing about this is that:
1) He knows the feelings are mutual between us.
2) He says, “You’re so much better than my girlfriend.” or “I love you more than her.” and things like that constantly.
3) He’s my best friend.
4) He won’t do anything about the feelings we both have.

I really do have strong feelings for him, but this is so damn stressful! I have no idea what to do. Should I just confront him and tell him, “For god’s sake, ditch your chick already. You know you’d be happier with me.” or just wait it out? Or some other alternative?


I hate being a teenager.

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