Will try to update everyday.

Never pick up a chain that has been sitting in the sun all day with your bare hands.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what good is that if you doc is smokin’ hot. ;D

When looking for a partner in life, look for someone who confronts their problems and doesn’t try to avoid them.

Tennis is really boring. It would be much better if the players had Tourette’s syndrome.

If you are going to go to an amusement park, don’t pay the excessive ticket price to not ride the rides.

Don’t piss off a Southerner. We know how to gut you, use your meat for jerky, and remove all evidence of the kill before anyone knows you are missing. 🙂

Take a vacation and get away for a few days every once in a while, it is AWESOME!

Always get a sufficient amount of sleep for the next day’s activities. If you are going to sit and dick around on the computer, then less than four hours is great, but for physical activity all day, get more than seven.

Don’t get on your PC everyday, it is adicitive. (My first time being back on in about two and a half weeks)

If you believe in something, put your entire being behind the ideal. Never believe something with only half your heart. If you don’t believe in anything, find something, find it fast, because believing in nothing is like being lost in a desert.

“Don’t fuck with Chuck Norris.” -kaBjj101

When in Istanbul, Turkey, get a Turkish bath.

When it is someone’s birthday close to you, give them a call or, better yet, see them in person. It will mean so much more than if you were to post on their facebook wall alone.