A very sensitive subject

A WoW player posted this on the battle.net forums. It has since then become the top rated for almost a week now. Here it is:

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Please PLEASE give the following a listen:

If you need help or even think you might:

I, Huggywuggles, Azeroth’s most fearsome and terrifying Gnome Arms Warrior really needs EVERYONE to sit down for a minute and listen. If nothing else, listen to what I have to say now and then, forevermore you can ignore what I have to say on anything else if you choose to do so.

Firstly, let’s get this out of the way. I am a suicide survivor. Years ago, I had a breakdown and it led to a very serious attempt on my own life. Depending on which shrink you asked, I was either clinically or chronically depressed with seasonal and environmental components. Basically what that means is that particular periods of the year and certain things in the environment can cause a depressive episode. It is something THOUSANDS of people struggle with day in and day out. I, myself, am doing well and have myself under very good control. Sadly, some people may not.

This time of year, because of MANY things, can be brutal emotionally on people. I think when we sit ourselves in front of our computer and play WoW or any other game, we try to seek escapism from our lives and hope that others will judge us not on who we are IRL but rather what we represent. Does that make any sense? Either way, this is a very VERY serious subect and a very potentially tragic one as well.

As a survivor, I feel it’s incumbent upon me to not only inform others but be supportive to those who might be struggling with this as well. Firstly, my advice to you if you’re struggling is to seek professional help IMMEDIATELY. Yes, I know, there’s a stigma attached to seeing a shrink, but it truly does help and can give you a new perspective on life and the important things. I cannot stress this enough. Please, from the bottom of my heart, I’m begging you, GET HELP. Frankly, I do not want to lose YOU whoever you might be. You ARE important, YOU have purpose. Believe that. It’s true and I wouldn’t lie to you about that.

To the community at large, I encourage you to reach out to your fellow Azerothians each and every day. Make SURE they’re doing well. Be kind to them. Reach out and seek help if nessacary to get that one person help if you can. Accept others as others have accepted YOU. Remember that movie ‘Pay it Forward’? It’s kind of trite but the concept itself is tremendous in it’s scope. Kindness and goodwill always pay off in huge way.

To ALL my fellow Azerothians, remember this: I care. Others care. Blizzard cares. Your friends and family IRL care. Remember, this time of year can be joyous and wonderful and we WANT you to help make it even more joyous and wonderful. If this time of year has gotten you ‘down’ or you’re feeling SERIOUSLY depressed to the point that you feel you may do harm to yourself, SEEK help. Reach out to others. We want to help you. We CARE!

/Gnomefist and have a VERY happy, healthy and wonderful Holiday season

And there it is. Its a very serious subject, and I think all of sharenator needs to be aware of these things. If another sharenator here is having a bad time, and has thought of suicide…theres always a better way. Talk to someone, because anyone would be willing to help.