A Suggestion

1. I just posted a game… immediately a guy posted the site to other same game that was already posted. We need to have the permission to remove our posts since it was already posted. Add this, “Edit Remove” so we can delete our posts easily!

2. We should be able to give people’s posts +3 or whatever from viewing “View all new posts” instead of having to click again and give them the points.

3. We should be able to change our title in case if it was mistyped.

4. We should be able to change our post’s subject (video, pic, etc)

5. We need the suggestion for post’s subject (video, pic, flash, misc)

6. When you post anything, you should be able to control the comment filter. So if you feel that comment is inappropriate for your post, you should be able to block, remove, or whatever.

7. An opinion from me – I miss the old featured posts… put them back!