a quick question to all you sharenators

i read a post made by StudTastic about his top 10 video game heroes and i wanted to know what yours were
here are mine
10. ratchet
9. pikachu
8. link
7. dimitri pevtrenko (cod:waw)
6. soap mctavish
5. altair
4. crash bandicoot
3. doctor richtofen (cod zombies)
2. captain price
1. ezio auditore da firenze

btw 50% goes to StudTastic for giving me the idea
edit. ive changed my mind, mario is number 3 instead of the doctor

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    Too much COD for my taste.
    I don't particularly like the taste of cod, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    what can i say, i like cod and i like these characters. some are awesome and some are funny as f**k, but thats just me
    - awesomeeeee July 8, 2011, 2:54 pm
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