a question for sharenator

So im currently in college in the US but i’m beginning to think it isn’t for me. now im considering several options including going to a community college instead (money has become another big concern). I am also considering joining the police force. but right now Im getting a very strong pull towards the military. now I have creeped on the site long enough to know that several of you are currently enlisted in the military and i was hoping for some advice. now im not deluded enough to think it’s all fun and games but i have also heard it’s a great experience. so tell me sharenators what do you think i should do? (mainly looking for an unbiased source because my friends and family all wouldn’t want me to do any of the three. and im not talking to any recruiters cause the will obviously just say yea it’s fucking great)
branches im interested in
I would love to be a sniper and im a pretty good shot but i don’t think my eye site would allow me to be one.
(no offense to the marines but i don’t think i would want to be one to many people say they want to join them and i’d rather not for that reason.)

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