a mine craft explosives worker

im bored and i want to blow something up, but i dont know what to blow.
basically vote for what you want to get blown up majorly when voting closes tommarow. i can ether
1. blow up a moutain (agian -_-) (4 hours)
2. destory a bunch of animals 😀 (i have no clue)
3. blow up a huge mass of land. i started this one and will take me and least a week or more depending on school work.
4. world (this is a joke please do not pick it) if it dose get picked it will invole about 1,000,000 tnt or more and hell if i start now it might take over 6 months to do.
5. other
make your decision sharenator

minecraft tnt block maxicube

well shit i can tell its gonna be the world so i will just start

okay face untitled

well i ust firgued out the world is never ending on that game it goes past the map so i dont know what i will do