A look at buses and what they tell us about religion.


Agnostic people simply ride the bus. They have better things to do than to worry about the vehicle that gets them to work.

agnostic bus


Atheists want to see a world without religion. Think of how awesome this would be. Now realize that all they are really doing to try and get this to happen is putting ads on the sides of buses. Pretty lame as far as movements go.

atheist bus


Somehow in between finding the virgin Mary in a pothole and camping out front of George W. Bush’s house some christians managed to get some money together and put their own pro-god ads on buses. At least they aren’t blowing up Planned Parenthoods.

christian bus


Religious extremist groups tend to not have anything against buses specifically but they do hate the people riding around in them so they usually end up as collateral damage.

extremist bus

How do you see buses? What does that tell you about yourself?