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thundercats - a little about you!

i rember back in elementary school watching all of the old classic that are no longer out like thundercats and tmnt and even up to tonami watching naruto and one piece and zach bell and dragonballz if they brough back tonami and gave it its on station tonami 24-7 i am inclined to believe that that station would top the chats as the most watched tv show channel. but they would need to add bleach from japan on there so that we could get the new episodes every like thursday or friday. sicne it comes out on the web on tuseday- wensday. just a idea of mine and a good child hood memory of a tv show that i miss.
thundercats - a little about you!

as well as thunder cats and all of this was also yuyu hakashow.
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    aha, I remember all of them too like tmnt, dragonballz etc.. Do you mean Toonami, not tonami? I think I watched it on cartoon network or something.

    yes i did it in like the last min of class so i had some typo's im sorry.
    - whtesnow November 9, 2010, 9:39 am
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    +3 but only because
    you know
    rawr XD

    • Vans
    • November 8, 2010, 11:23 am
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