A Closer Look at 367 MPH

pic1 - a closer look at 367 mph

Bub Racing’s motorcycle is fast enough to go around the world in under 68 hours on two wheels. Diagnosis: Awesome. We know you have a fever and we have the prescription for you. No, not more cowbell; the picture and video goodies so you don’t have to attempt to set a new record on your Vespa.

You’ve seen quite a bit of coverage of BUB racing’s Streamliner Seven over the past week. Following their quest for and successfully capturing the title of the fastest combustion driven streamliner motorcycle, it’s about time we delivered the goods. So sit back and enjoy the candy.

pic2 - a closer look at 367 mph

The Monster 3.0L 525 hp And 425 ft-lb Powering The Seven/ Photo: BUB Enterprises

pipc3 - a closer look at 367 mph

The Seven Gets a New Turbo And Wastegate Following an Unsuccesscul Run

pic4 - a closer look at 367 mph

A Late Night Affair – Anyone Know a Pizza Joint That Delivers at This Hour?

pic5 - a closer look at 367 mph

Pilot Chris Carr Sporting His Stylish Cooling Suit Ports And Booties

pic6 - a closer look at 367 mph

Seven Pilot Chris Carr Checking The Wind–Hold Your Breath!

pic7 - a closer look at 367 mph

Snug as a Bug in a… Who Are We Kidding?

pic8 - a closer look at 367 mph

The Quarter-Mile Tow to The Point of No Return
And of course the video of the record setting run. This video is testament to the blistering pace set by the Seven. It may not garner any interest from Ewan McGregor for his next motorcycle trip to God knows where, but we think every two-wheel fanatic and speed freak alike will find it as jaw dropping as we did.