A Shooter Was Punushed For Saving A Child In Russian

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A fine of 40 thousand roubles (~ 1 thousand euros) and gun confiscation – that’s the punishment the inhabitant of Russian Zakamensk got for shooting on the streets of his hometown.
On the one hand, judges are right – it is strictly forbidden to shoot in an inhabited locality. But on the other hand… The thing is that the man did it to save a child. The girl was attacked by a dog. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the threat to her life and health was more than real – the girl got physical injuries. We don’t know how it could finish, if the shooter didn’t try to protect her. He shot the animal. However, as a result, his gun was confiscated and he got the fine of 40 thousand roubles for shooting in an inhabited locality. By the way, the owner of the dog has to pay much smaller fine – just two thousand roubles (~ 50 euros).