A fat cat scared robbers in Samara

A fat cat saved his owner from robbers in Russian Samara. The pet that weighs 18 kg scared the thieves who tried to break up a flat door.

cat hero

I was shocked when I got to know about it from our neighbours. That night I slept. Cat heard a sound in a keyhole, came to the door and started yelling, - told Aleksandra Ivanovna, the owner of the cat and the flat.
After the bawl of the fat cat the robbers ran away and forgot the keys inside the door. This clue helped the police arrest them. Using these keys the robbers had cleaned several flats before.

The cat became a real hero of the house after this story. By the way, despite his weight, he can walk on two legs.

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  • January 21, 2014, 4:10 pm
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