A Collection Of The Most Beautiful Albino Animals

Every animal from cockroaches to lions makes melanin and can have albinism.Predators easily pick them out of a group. Families and social groups can exclude them because to every other member, they look foreign. Albino animals are rare in nature, and a man always had a fascination for these creatures since ancient times. Some cultures considered albinos as sacred animals.
On the bright side, this genetic condition breeds beautiful animals, like these.

Albino fox
albino fox

albino fox

Albino whale
albino whale

albino whale

albino whale

Albino white hawk
albino white hawk

albino hawk

Albino horse
albino beauty

Albino snail
albino snail

Albino zebra
albino zebra

albino zebra

An Albino Flamingo
albino flamingo

Albino lions
albino lions

albino lion

Albino Alligator
albino croc

albino alligator

albino alligator

Albino little monkey
albino ape

Albino deers
albino deer

white deer

Whitetail Deer
albino whitetail deer

Albino fawn
albino fawn

Albino snakes
albino snake

albino snake

albino snake

albino snake

Albino peacock
albino peacock

Albino hummingbird
albino hummingbird

Albino Manta Ray
albino manta ray

Albino monkey
albino monkey

Albino Cobra
albino cobra

Albino penguin
albino penguin

Albino rhino
albino rhino

Albino sea turtle
albino sea turtle

albino sea turtle

albino turtle

Albino seahorse
albino seahorse

Albino Bat
albino bat

Albino skunk
albino skunk

Albino squirrels
albino squirrel

albino squirrel

albino squirrel

White humpback whale
white humpback whale

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  • July 2, 2014, 8:12 am
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    They're so adorable! Especially albino fox and bat, imo.

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    Some of these animals are naturally white, beluga brutal and one of the squirrels, and some of the species are wrong, that "manta ray" is sting ray. Writer has a poor understanding of albinosm and wild animals in general. Next time, do a little research before you start writing about something, instead of finding pretty pictures of white animals from images. The squirrel and horse were understandable.. but you actually thought belugas were albino??

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