A Cat Who Humiliates Birds

In the morning when I was going to the mall I noticed such a scene in a neighboring yard. I’m glad I had a camera in my bag.

cat lying manhole

A cat was lying on a manhole cover sunbathing, but pigeons were scared of approaching him. No one even came closer to the manhole.

cat who humiliates birds

If to be honest, I’d be afraid of approaching the cat as well. He looked like a total gangster. He was giving me such unkind looks while I was taking his photos…

cat lying manhole

Like a guard… I’d really advise the birds not to come closer. They would definitely lose some feathers after that.

like guard

This picture shows he’s rather fat. He’s being fed there. But it was not enough for kind-hearted people just to feed him, so they decided the cat needs a house, or, if to be more exact, a cabin like a guard dog’s one.

being fed there

Then Sir went to his bedchamber letting his pages finally relax and peck around in the yard.

cats bed

a cat - a cat who humiliates birds

cat house

But they keep in mind that big brother’s watching them! So they avoid approaching the guard cat’s cabin!

P.S.: it’s so interesting to watch how animals are trying to get on well with one another in this severe weather!

  • Mime
  • February 7, 2014, 2:50 pm
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