A Birthday Gift Idea

birthday gift

Get a small pendant! although never seen her wearing one of these…

magic box

“magic box” with surprisingly quite small place inside. I couldn’t find any “typical jewellery box” which will fit into.

cutting smallest

Managed by cutting smallest one I could find. card needs some adjustments too, but at the end it fits… somehow.

box ready

Box ready.

wrapped box bubble wrap paper

Securely wrapped with bubble wrap and paper.

gift idea

there box without cat

There is no box without cat

cat superposition

Cat in superposition. naturally radioactive.

gentle chain padlock

Gentle chain and “Houdini” padlock…

difficult open

…To make it little bit more difficult to open..

the key - a birthday gift idea

It would be far to easy just to attach key.

key fits perfectly

Key fits perfectly into a maze box.
Now to pack all of them together.

result - a birthday gift idea

Gift is ready!