Favorite Homeless Signs

img00013 20090827 1035 -  favorite homeless signs

binladen -  favorite homeless signs

html -  favorite homeless signs

p1000213 -  favorite homeless signs

obama -  favorite homeless signs

cardboardandmarker -  favorite homeless signs

fuckyou -  favorite homeless signs

tougly -  favorite homeless signs

eatforfood -  favorite homeless signs

sparesome -  favorite homeless signs

checks -  favorite homeless signs

kickmyself -  favorite homeless signs

khjkjhuuuu -  favorite homeless signs

lastleg -  favorite homeless signs

2girls -  favorite homeless signs

bradandangelina -  favorite homeless signs

unitednegro -  favorite homeless signs

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    I got a sign for these hobos
    8x10tyrellgotajob1 -  favorite homeless signs

    - bioshock123 December 9, 2010, 2:50 pm
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    This is the epitome of ignorance. People are not homeless by choice. Homelessness is the result of multiple factors like mental illness, disability, a history of childhood abuse, intimate partner violence etc. A person who is homeless can not just go out and 'get a job'. It is much more complicated than that. Without an address, phone number or proper clothes how easy do you think it is to get hired by an employer?

    Its things like this that perpetuate the stigma surrounding homelessness, by blaming the victim for something that is out of their control. People who are homeless are no different than you and I. The difference is that you were given opportunities in your life to thrive and succeed. These are human beings you are referring to as you call them 'bums'. By labelling them this way you are reducing them to something that you percieve as worth less than yourself. Do not judge what you don't understand. Have you ever actually spoken to someone who is homeless and listened to their story? I think you'd have a very different point of view if you did. Everybody deserves compassion, human dignity and respect. Homelessness should not exist in the first place. It is brought about by irresponsible governmental policies that fail support those in need by cutting importants ocial programs designed to help people stay on their feet. It should be every person's right to have a home yet this will never happen when the general public holds attitudes such as this. Educate yourself before making uninformed and hurtful statements. Be a better person.

    Should really tell people to educate themselfs when you don't even know how to use a reply botton?

    p.s. Not saying I don't agree, just learn how to use a reply button... It's really not that hard.
    - RakkyTam June 20, 2011, 1:50 pm
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