Your zombie apocalypse team

Look at your message board. The first seven different sharenators that have wrote you a message are your new apocalypse team! In order, this is how it should go:
Your Sidekick:
Your Heavy Weapons Specialist:
The Idiot on Your Team that Survives:
Your Sniper:
The Person on Your Team that Loses It:
Your Brainiac:
The First One on Your Team that Dies:

For example, mine would look like:
Captain: mariofox03
Sidekick: dogggy
Heavy Weapons Specialist: castlewarsisawsome
The Idiot that Survives: SkinnyBill
Sniper: drakengard85
The One that Loses it: 24paperwings
The Brains: MalverdeAl100
The First to Die: Disco
Let’s see your apocalypse teams!