You know you've been playing too much call duty if...

You know you've been playing too much call duty when your dog jumps on top of you and you instinctively snaps its neck.

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  • 14 get really annoyed and quit MW2 and get Battlefield Bad Company 2

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    ...its not stab, its knife look around every corner to see if someone is there so you can knife them wish you had Marathon and/or Final Stand in real life

    ...when someone asks you what weapon you would want for free you instinctively think of your favorite class in CoD play other games wishing you had flashbangs wish you could just go up to a box and pull out a fucking AC130 call every ignorant person a noob refuse to accept that you were once a noob try to play Halo and you end up crouching and aiming down your sight instead of knifing and sprinting try to play Halo and you have to switch back because its too slow hear a mouse click and you run thinking you've just triggered a claymore wonder why you can't just stab someone with a claymore

    ...C4 used to be cool but now it just gets on your last nerves're deathly afraid of meeting a Juggernaut in real life only know what people are talking about when they say 'Spetsnaz' because you play TDM too much

    That's all I got for now, I'll come up with some later.

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    You know you've been playing too much call of duty if you stare at some ones head and expect their name to pop up! XD

    • Fuzed
    • June 12, 2010, 9:15 am
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    You know you've played too much call of duty when you stab people and expect money to explode from them...

    Yeah, it doesn't work guys...

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    You Know if you've been playing too much call of duty if...You think its a good game..

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    ...when you're not playing CoD (i.e. at work), you start a post on Sharenator to talk about CoD.

    wow hilarious
    - sickness November 15, 2010, 1:00 pm
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    you know you play call of duty when you are playing paintball and ask anyone if they have a heartbeat sensor.

    Best i could do i dotn play cod battlefield fan all the way

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    You know you've been playing too much call duty if you see a red barrel and your first instinct is to shoot it to make it explode

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    You know you've been playing too much call of duty when ur playin paintball and once u shoot them and u go over to teabag them

    soz its the best I can come up with

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    ...when you watch the TV and start to see the Heads up display from COD.
    ...when you wake up from a dream about playing COD and your hands are in the shape of a controller.

    Neither has happened to me... really :P

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    .....when you see someone running at you and you first instinct is to try to knife them

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    ROFL!!!! Really funny guys! LOL!!! Gemie99!! You would go play Bad Company, thats a new one!

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    ...everytime you see a plane leaving an airport, your first thought is "Where is my fuckin Stinger??" light a flare and think its a tactical insertion. tell your friends youve been shot in the head thousands of times. wish you owned a Barrett .50 Cal with a thermal scope and a heartbeat sensor. wonder why chickens can survive a tactical nuke. find yourself crouching and laying more than standing. practice your drop and jump shots daily. hate nuke boosters and campers.

    ...everytime you use a laptop you imagine a predator missile blowing up someone youre pissed at.

    ...everytime you hear a watch alarm beeping you think youve been stuck with a semtex.

    ...when you are in the city you look for good sniping spots. know the difference between a Pavelow and a Chopper Gunner.

    ...your joystick dies more times than you do. are highly skilled at the art of knife throwing.

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    You know you've been playing too much call of duty if you grow a mustache, sideburns and go on a killing spree while shouting "SOAP!" in a British accent.

    Pong is superior.

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    when you get shot by a terrorist IRL and shout HAX!!!!!!!!

  • 1 see someone sneeking around and have an urge to pull out a ak-47

    • 720Z
    • June 14, 2010, 9:23 am
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    you know if you've been playing too much call of duty if...
    you and your friends call out kill streaks in the middle of school.
    you throw a ball of paper and yell GRANADA.
    you're in War in RL and yell im on a 25 killstreak wheres my FUCKING NUKE

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    your eyeballs melt, but it's alright because you've memorized every multiplayer map.

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    You see a random airplane and you say its an AC-130 and think how you would shoot it down.

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    You know you've been playing too much call duty if when you are watching a cop show you try to give the people on tv voice commands

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    You start typing on a computer expecting something to come of it.

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    ...if your power goes out and you yell EMP!!

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    if u see a plane in the distants and think enemy uav spoted.
    you run around your neighbor hood and try to knife people that get in your way.
    you try to change ur title and emblem.
    you go to war in rl and are on a secret mission to protect a box and u see the enamy place a bomb on it and instead of killing him u sneak up behind him lay down on his leg's and try to get a ninja defuse.

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    ... you realise everyone you ever cared about is gone...

    But put it down to a tactical nuke.

    • SuDoku
    • November 11, 2010, 8:45 am
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    everybody go to to see cool call of duty videos.

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    ur all bad esp dougie

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    ... when you call hax on your psych professor and call him a noob tubing new fag when he makes you sound like a dumb ass

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    when you come up to a locked door, place an invisible charge on it, stand slightly to the side and yell "BREACHING BREACHING!!!"

    Yell at random "RPG ON THE ROOFTOP!!!" in a british accent

    Play the QUADD!!!! game

    throw things at people and yell "POPPIN SMOKE!!"

    when someone says predator you think missle instead of say a carnivore or internet predator.

    i've done this...

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