X Factor Look-a-likes

similar wagner

He should have won in lieu of the rest of those talentless no-hopers. Wagner has a mane.

similar one d - x factor look-a-likes

Striking isn't it?

similar rebecca

They share a perfectly rounded head.

similar matt

Seriously, where is his neck? His head just blends straight into that stubby neck. Not to mention those ears.

similar katie

Whoa. She has the largest chin and most prominent jaw there ever was. And, to top it off, she bears great resemblance to a man, more specifically this one - Lily Savage.

similar mary

Nice fringe Mary. It takes an extremely discerning individual to spot the difference between these two ogres.

similar cher

That square jaw, emotionless face and repertoire of blunt dance moves almost make Lady Penelope look lively. Unfortunately she is being kept in the competition by England's obsolete chav populace.

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